Emirates Campaigns

Campaigns designed for two pitches while I was working in Nomads. The aim behind both of them was to offer a whole entertainment experience to the passenger to make his flight more pleasant and turn Emirates into more than just a flight company

Client: Emirates
Date: 1 February, 2015
Services: Ui

Epic Playlist

Emirates Airline offers over 1,600 channels of inflight entertainment. We made an app so that the customer could plan their entertainment ahead of their flight. Once a playlist is compiled, the app automatically produces a video with all the content selected to be shared via Facebook/twitter. The airline gets promotion and the user has the opportunity to win prizes.

100 People of  Tomorrow

Advertising campaign consisting of a microsite where people can watch TEDtalks of the world’s top 100 relevant personalities. The idea was to provide inspiration to people and at the same time connect influencers with Emirates Airline. We also designed banners, posters and other elements to promote the campaign.