Logo Collection

This is a selection of some of the brands that I have designed in the past years. When approaching these type of projects, I believe that to have a strong, solid concept behind the brand is the key to develop well-designed pieces that can work along the time and across different areas: advertising, interior design, packaging… etc. Conceptual design and communication with minimal elements (colours, typefaces…) are the only way to build a brand that remains in time.

Client: Different clients
Services: Branding, retail, social media

Ecuador Endangered

Ecuador Endangered is an NGO that protects Ecuador’s forest reserves against the exploratory mining concessions given by the Government. Many of them are in previously protected forests, indigenous territories, headwater ecosystems and biodiversity hotspots of global importance that are now threatened by those concessions. Therefore the whole project is based on the idea of vanishing, disappearing…I designed for them a brand that works in two languages and in big/small sizes and some communicational elements for digital campaigns. Please support this cause here.

Li Jewels

Little details matter and make you unique. Li is a new and bold jewellery brand from Barcelona created by Lucia Picos. I had the opportunity to work with her, developing the whole concept and art direction. Together we went back to the origin of jewellery making, applying its geometry and simplicity to the whole identity. See more here.


Renata comes from the Latin word “re-nascere” (being born again). Created by Yanina Giarelli, an interior designer, this is a brand specialized in giving abandoned/broken/discarded objects a second chance but always in a stylish way.

Manuel Elvira. Lawyer

Corporate identity for a law firm. The idea comes from a bookshelf full of law books that forms the M. I decided to eliminate some parts of the M to make it simpler and easier to understand. This is a young company so originality and freshness were key, and had to be reflected in the logo. However, I didn´t want to lose the Roman characteristics that are traditionally related to law, which is why I combined serifs with a condensed font like DIN.

Gloria Velazquez. Accessories

Corporate identity, packaging and stationery for a fashion accessories designer mainly focused on hairdressing. See more here.

La Urraca Paca

Corporate identity for a pet accessory shop in the Canary Islands. To personalize the brand, we took the image of a bird in various moods to produce a corporate image, corporate stationery, and packaging. We used only one color to be environmentally friendly.