Digital Communications

This is a compilation of some of the digital campaigns that I have been involved in the past years.


During my time at adidas I also worked helping the Digital Creative Services in some campaigns. The existing promotional cards for the app were a little bit outdated so together with my Niko Fernandez (design lead) we created a system where the pictures could be easily replaced to fit every single division of adidas, while following the guidelines, the adidas app style and the adidas template framework.

Gazelle by Vice

Shoppable banners designed as part of the campaign that Vice launched for adidas gazelle in August 2016


Nice’n’easy banners

Banners to show the variety of shades that this brand has. Easy, like taking a Polaroid picture, the challenge in this project was to adapt the design to the different sizes and type of banners without losing the essence. Work done at Nomads agency in 2005