adidas Creators’ Club

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Creators Club is a membership programme integrated inside the adidas
app that provides the user with the opportunity of getting rewards while
shopping with adidas. Launched only in the USA in summer 2018, the
company is planning in expanding it to additional markets in the near

Client: adidas
Date: 1 July, 2018

Onboarding screens

Creators Club is a membership programme based on tiers that the user achieves by purchasing adidas products or by accomplishing certain tasks (writing reviews, completing the profile, verifying the account…).

In each tier (creator, playmaker, game-changer and icon) we designed four onboarding screens to explain the user which are the rewards that gets in each level

Profile and activity section

The whole app is based on system points that allow you to get benefits and reach the next tier where you can unlock more rewards. It is integrated into the existing adidas app an that is why it follows ithe same style

The profile section starts with a card that is expandable and can be scanned in shops to collect points manually. It also tells you the number of points you have and how many are left till the next level. The rest of the screen is a description of the rewards you have and the ones that are unlocked, plus your personal details such as name, address etc

The activity section is a chronological collection of vouchers that sums up your latest purchases and acts.

Creators’ Club China

For the Asian market, we redesigned the app due to technical restrictions. The list of vouchers and rewards got shortened and the whole app got simplified and reduced to only three status or tiers (bronze, silver and gold). We also changed the design of the voucher making them smaller so the user can see more in the screen.