Logo Collection

This is a selection of some of the brands that I have designed in the past years. When approaching these type of projects, I believe that to have a strong, solid concept behind the brand is the key to develop well-designed pieces that can work along the time and across different areas: advertising, interior design, packaging… etc. Conceptual design and communication with minimal elements (colours, typefaces…) are the only way to build a brand that remains in time.

Little Monkeys

Little Monkeys is a British kindergarten located in Almeria (Spain).
This was an overall project where I had the opportunity to help them with naming, stationery, uniforms, interiors and many different illustrations that were used to promote the kindergarten on social media platforms.

Art Lof

Brand, promotional elements and newsletter created for an online art gallery. The idea behind the design is to show “everyone loves art” but in their own way. Keeping a geometric structure, the only element changing is the heart (referring to art lovers or to the different art expressions) providing dynamism to the whole project and the opportunity of customizing all the print elements.

Dental Clinic

Corporate image for a dental clinic in Murcia (Spain). Along with the corporate stationery, and the whole interior of the clinic, some postcards were made to entertain children in the waiting room.