Monthly Archives: November 2012


Two amazing animations about typography, which use the alphabet as conceptual axis. By Alessandro Novelli ask the 8 ball China


DM letter for donations.

DM is that pile of letters sent every day to your mailbox that you often throw away without opening. It is difficult to get them to grab your attention, and even more difficult to let it influence you to donate money. However, it is impossible to ignore it when it’s from The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital.te one which comes to your home. By the Swedish agency Milk


Follow the new

Life changes at a rapid pace. Proof of this are some of the examples that DDB Brazil proposes in the new campaign created for Follow, a trend magazine, specialised in bringing the latest news about technology, fashion and behaviour.


Dumb Ways to Die

The Melbourne Metro has launched this fun and original campaign to warn of the dangers of not paying attention to the train tracks. A song that you cannot remove from your head, cute little monsters that are dying in the most foolish ways, and a large dose of humor, all make it an absolutely brilliant campaign. Encouraged by Julian Frost, the lyrics are by John Mescall and advertising agency is McCann Melbourne.