Monthly Archives: October 2012

Ipad mini

The new mini Ipad ad is very cute. Only music (with clear references to the movie Big) two pianos and two colors: white and black. A good way to tell a lot by saying very little.


The stratos jump by Lego

Be up to date and be immediate are two qualities that greatly favour a brand, especially in the social media space. That’s what the Lego Company lived by asOonly a few hours went by since the Austrian Felix Baumgartner had jumped, and Lego recreated the stratos jump with their famous toys soonafter. Brilliant.


The Real Bears

The real bears is a campaign by Alex Bogusky (who also created some ads for Coca-Cola) using illustrations of a loving family of polar bears, a childish tone and many references to that brand, which denounces the consequences resulting from the consumption of soft drinks in the human body. You can see the whole campaing here


A chalk animation

Autumn arrives and so does this chalk animation, designed by Lucinda Schreiber and Yanni Kronenberg for Firekites, an Australian band. It took six months – four months full-time – and 1,900 frames to complete.The result cannot be more outstanding.