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Slow motion is a visual effect that can artificially delay the speed of an action. By shooting a scene with a number of images per second higher than the speed of projection, the scene gives the impression of a almost stopping, causing an increase in the visual and emotional impact. This is why it is used a lot in advertising and movies. It achieves to focus our attention on small details impossible to catch by human eye and sometimes arise spots as nice as these


Dear New York. Luis Úrculo

There is not Zara advertising on the streets. His tactics are based more in selecting the most popular streets of every city to place strategically his shops. This is not new at all. But, occasionally, it entrust marvellous videos like this one: a work signed by the architect Luis Úrculo on the occasion of the opening of a new shop in the Fifth Avenue, where with an amazing economy of means based on daily elements (cardboard, wood, paper …) and light games, it manages to represent the whole essence of the Great Apple. Undoubtedly, a delight for the eyes.